First week

Định dạng bài viết: Tiêu chuẩn

My first week at work has passed.

It was not so bad (and when I’m saying like this, it means “it was nice”, or vice versa). Everyone in my team are nice. Though I was a little disappointed when they don’t say “hi” to each other in the morning, and they don’t have lunch together. But I guess it’s the “office culture” here in VN. Well, they’re so busy that sometimes they don’t even go to lunch, and sometimes even saying “hi” seems to disturb them. It can’t be helped, huh >.<

I like my team leader. She is the ideal figure that I want to become. I see two types in women: the “rebellious” ones with strong personalities who always make me want to compete with and surpass them; the “classic” ones who make me want to follow them. My boss is in the second type: I want to become a woman like her by looking up at her, not by competing with her.

The building in which my company’s office is located is not so bad, too. Within a radius of 500m I have the Sushi Bar, Hanayuki, Floramisu, Highlands, AND A la mezon. Let’s forget that I’ve never set my foot into these places during work days, ok, but I thought about an all-girls evening drinking beer at A la mezon. Why not?

Hope the coming week will be more exciting. ^^


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